Humanimity – Kick Off

Humanimity - Kick Off

It's time, Humanimity goes live.

Be at the big KICK-OFF event and sales start on

Saturday, 07.April 2018 with us!

The whole team has worked hard over the past few months to be able to go live that day.A unique program with many surprises awaits you, presented by the entire team, great speakers, and the founder and visionary of Humanimity, Boris Matern.

As a VIP ticket holder you can expect a gala dinner with a 3-course menu in an exceptional setting. Included in the VIP ticket is also the participation in the Humanimity After Show Party, which completes the day solemnly and duly.

Every day ticket holder is invited to celebrate with us, so you'll get the ticket to the After Show Party NOW exclusively for Easter!

Tickets available here

What awaits you on this unique day:


(left to right)

Claudio Catrini: Top 100 successful trainers (Sicilian fire paired with German precision - Entertainment with indescribable content, make all his performances to a mega-event from practice.)

Experience it, let it ignite you and then feel the zest to conquer the world!

Erich Ely: (Master Distributor & Ambassador - "The Power of Network Marketing"

Wiebke Matern: (Head of Academy) - "The power of knowledge - and - what you have to do with it"

Agatha Lessmann: (Community & Content Manager) - Moderator

Boris Matern: (Founder) - "Humanimity - Fair Sharing Architecture"

Manuel Heinzler: (Social Media Expert) - "How to be successful with social media!"

What you should know about Humanimity & Why we want to celebrate this day with you!

Humanity means: "Shaping together"

The Humanimity SCE mbH became after the principle:

"A FUTURE IN COMMON" (translated: our common future)

founded and goes on 07.04.2018 in public. With its unique business model, it enables you, as a member of the cooperative, to participate through an equitable and participation-based system, the surpluses and profits of the worldwide emerging customer & dealer networks.

Humanimity was created to facilitate social justice in all economic branches of modern life, by returning profits and surpluses to the fully democratically organized community of values. A movement - away from monopolization and centralization - towards strengthening the individual, our families and our social communities and stabilizing the middle class.


In cooperation with a jointly organized and financed charity apparatus we go the economic and ecological Problems of our time together at! There is much to do!

On 07.04.2018 we go public with this vision and the first results of our work!

You will not only find out how we make high-quality continuing education offers accessible to everyone, but also how Humanimity is creating an international e-commerce & sales platform with fair trading conditions and direct networking, which has not yet been realized in this uniqueness.

"We have become accustomed to submitting and serving human beings as human capital to the economic and industrial complex! Now is the time for this complex and its technical achievements to serve all people and life around the world. If we want to prevent greed from destroying this planet, we must learn to find common solutions - we must learn to distribute the knowledge and abundance of this world fairly and sustainably! " Boris Matern

Five pillars form the first foundation of this powerful community

  • a cooperative with real value sharing and fair distribution of goods
  • an academy with valuable and diverse continuing education offers
  • a marketplace with fair trading conditions and unique direct networking
  • a network with a strong structure and attractive career opportunities
  • A foundation with great charitable projects and a sense of humanity

whereby the individuality and self-realization of each member is promoted.

How you can participate in this world-changing vision, you will experience at this event!

What will you take with you for your life that day?

  • A business vision that will change your life sustainably and positively!
  • A basic knowledge of how to be individually supported by the Humanimity Academy or to train your employees and team partners.
  • A network of contacts that will help you as a young entrepreneur to build your own business without the usual business risks
  • Know what you need to do to build strong branding through social media
  • Motivation and energy to shape your life
  • New contacts and people you care about

Afterwards you have the possibility to get in contact personally with the speakers at the VIP Dinner or the After Show Party.

When does the event make sense for you?

  • If you want to profit as a human being and entrepreneur from fair trade and a strong networking.
  • If you are inquisitive
  • If you want to grow in your personality
  • If you are looking for new approaches and strategies for your business
  • If you want to build something successful
  • If you welcome new ideas and vision, as well as changes

Let the 07.04.2018 become a day that will completely change your life!


When do you get your ticket?

The ticket will be sent electronically by Eventbrite to your e-mail address. Please have a little patience should it delay a little time and please check also in your spam folder.

Can I return the ticket?

The ticket is excluded from the return, but transferable. Please contact our team:

Do I have to print the ticket? YES!

You do not have to print it, but you must be able to show it at the entrance! Download the ticket via PDF or the App from Eventbrite. Of course, for safety's sake, you can also choose the proven form of paper expression.

I have more questions. How can I reach the team of Humanimity?

If you have further questions, send us an e-mail at:

Consent to the transfer of rights of use and copyrights to image, sound and / or film, radio, television and video recordings during the event

(1) By registering for participation in this event, the participant agrees that the Humanimity Group all, unlimited in terms of time and space copyright rights to all images, sound and / or film, radio, television and video recordings received during the participation in the event, irrevocably and in full content.

(2) The Humanimity Group may use this image, audio and / or film, radio, television and video recordings for advertising purposes in TV and print media and on the operated website or on other websites and social media channels.

(3) There is no entitlement to any kind of consideration.

(4) It is requested that no private recordings be made during the event.

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