Humanimity Convention

Humanimity Convention

Humanity means "shaping together"

The Humanimity SCE mbH was based on the motto:
"A FUTURE IN COMMON" (translated: Our common future founded.

With its unique business model, it enables you, as a member of the cooperative, to participate through an equitable and participation-based system, the surpluses and profits of the worldwide emerging customer & dealer networks.

Humanimity was created to facilitate social justice in all economic branches of modern life, by returning profits and surpluses to the fully democratically organized community of values. A movement - away from monopolization and centralization - towards the empowerment of the individual, our families, our social communities and the stabilization of the middle class.


You will not only find out how we make high-quality continuing education programs accessible to everyone, but also how Humanimity creates an international e-commerce & distribution platform with fair trading conditions and direct networking, which has not yet been realized in this uniqueness.

Five pillars form the first foundation of this powerful community

  • a cooperative with real value sharing and fair distribution of goods
  • an academy with valuable and diverse continuing education offers
  • a marketplace with fair trading conditions and unique direct networking
  • a network with a strong structure and attractive career opportunities
  • A foundation of great charitable projects and a sense of humanity, promoting the individuality and self-fulfillment of each member.

How you can participate in this world-changing vision, you will experience at this event!
What will you take with you for your life that day?

  • A business vision that will change your life sustainably and positively!
  • Knowledge that will completely change your business success!
  • Exchange of information and experience at all levels!
  • You learn how to build your business with fun and ease!
  • Learn from professionals for future professionals!
  • Get to know Network Marketing 2.0!
  • A network of contacts that will help you as a young entrepreneur to build your own business without the usual business risks!
  • Motivation and energy to shape your life!
  • Outlook, the future of Humanimity!



The admission starts about 60 minutes before the beginning of the event

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