Aktuelle Neuigkeiten und Ankündigungen / Jahreshauptversammlung 2018 / Network Convention

Latest News and Announcements / Annual General Meeting 2018 / Network Convention

Dear members, business partners and interested people of Humanimity -

on the occasion of the article from the newspaper "Die Zeit" about Humanimity on 07.06.2018 there have been a lot of worried and indignant feedback in the last days. After a very friendly and careful consultation with the DEGP, our umbrella organization and our consultants, we have decided not to come up with an "aggressive" or "justifying" statement.

We are extremely sorry that our official efforts to make a valuable contribution to society with Humanimity have produced such dubious interpretations and representations to the public, and of course we become transparent, in all clarity and in consultation with the DEGP and all others Interested committees to improve our quality and communication management care, so that such misunderstandings do not repeat.


We will explain the topic in detail to our first general meeting on 29.06.2018 in a roundtable and there clarify also the basic questions, how and in which form our sales partners have to communicate the value and business model of Humanimity.


We ask for your understanding if we refrain from further comments here. In the first development process, we have had very thorough legal examinations by the companies around Humanimity in order to fully comply with the applicable law as well as with the competition guidelines. Nevertheless, on Wednesday, 13.06.2018, we decided to supplement the legal review of the compensation plans to take the criticisms and concerns mentioned in the article seriously. We will put the results together for discussion at the general meeting.

Let us use the whirlwind of the situation to increase clarity, transparency and constructive development.


In this respect, we are pleased to welcome you to 29.06.2018 in Regensburg for the first annual general meeting for members of Humanimity SCE mbH.


Annual General Meeting 29.06.2018 - official start of the meeting at 15:00

Restaurant Antoniushaus, Mühlweg 13, 93053 Regensburg


The invitations to the meeting have already been sent - for all subsequently added members or interested parties follows here a small explanation of how the part name is possible.

To participate in the Annual General Meeting, you, as a registered member, must submit a binding registration stating your membership number info@humanimity.eu send. If you have not signed any membership we ask you to do it by 25.06.2018. Information on how to acquire membership can be found at https://www.humanimity.de/de/sce-beitritt/

Admission is free for members. For drinks is provided. Please also provide for your own catering or possibly accommodation.

As we will not have any commitments on the agenda in the founding year of 2018, we will prepare a constructive program for our agenda which will be published soon. Please note that you can take up to 5 voting mandates from trusted persons for upcoming votes. Details about it soon in the agenda.

Best wishes


Boris Matern,



Humanimity Network Convention 30.06.2018 - 12:00 - 18:30:

Restaurant Antoniushaus, Mühlweg 13, 93053 Regensburg

the countdown is running, just a few days until the Humanimity Network Convention on 30.06.2018 in Regensburg.

The preparations are running at full speed and in cooperation with many helpers a sales event of the extra class is being created which will support you on your way with Humanimity. For that we would like to say thank you again!

To the tickets go here:


The Humanimity Network Convention organization team is looking forward to meeting you in person!

Best regards

Philipp Herrmann & Katja Zeissler